A Little Pound Cake History

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Did you know how the Pound Cake got its name? It’s comes from a Northern European recipe that measured its ingredients in equal parts by weight. The recipe called for one pound of butter, sugar, eggs, and flour. We still make our cakes the traditional way with these four basic ingredients but have trimmed the original recipe down a bit. We honor our Aunt Ola’s recipe by making sure we bake our wonderfully rich and moist pound cakes just the way she would want them.

There are numerous variations to the traditional pound cake recipe. Adding distinctive flavorings such as lemon or almond extract or dried fruits or nuts can enhance the taste of this cake. Pound cakes are typically baked in Bundt or loaf cake pans and can be served topped with glaze, powdered sugar, or icing.

We took those variations to a new level to bring you the flavors that we have now:

Creating the company and baking these delicious cakes have brought back many happy memories of Aunt Ola and we are so happy that we can share these pound cakes with you and your family.

Let us know how our pound cakes are helping you to create precious memories with your family. Share your comments and we will post on our website.


New Flavor alert——————————————-

We’re developing a new flavor and we need your help.

Which flavor would you choose to be developed next?

  • Key Lime
  • Butter Pecan
  • Caramel

Let us know by leaving us a comment below.

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  • Ken

    Butter Pecan would be GREAT

    • Tracey West

      Thanks Kenard. I will add it to the list.

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