My Fondest Pound Cake Memory

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The holidays always bring memories of family, joy and lots of good food…especially desserts. I would always look forward to the taste of my Aunt Ola’s homemade pound cake. It is one of my favorite memories. Our family would gather together with each person bringing their favorite dish. Of course this wasn’t just your favorite dish but the dish you were best known for that had rave reviews. My aunt’s pound cake was very special. This cake was the talk of the town, albeit a very small town, but the talk of the town no less. My aunt knew how special her cake was and that’s why she controlled her knife. She made sure each person had a “paper thin” slice of her pound cake so you could savor each and every bite. If you ate your slice too fast, too bad because if you were lucky to receive seconds, it was only a half a slice.

I’m sure you have memories of eating your family’s pound cake during the holidays too. Tell us about it, and you could win a free Irresistible Pound Cake Bundle from Tracey West Irresistible Pound Cakes. We’re giving away our delicious Irresistible Pound Cake Bundle to the best story sent in to us beginning November 17, 2014 through November 23, 2014. All you have the do is tell us about your favorite pound cake memory, and send it to us via the form below. We’ll pick our favorite, and send the winner one of your gourmet pound cake bundles.

The Irresistible Pound Cake Bundle consists of your choice of one eight inch red velvet, butter rum, chocolate or sour cream spice pound cake PLUS one eight inch butter pound cake PLUS two mini lemon pound cakes PLUS FREE SHIPPING.

See contest rules.

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